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Additional information for filling out personnel requests

Please take note of the following instructions when filling out personnel requests (e.g. hire requests, requests for continued employment/renewal of employment, request for re-assignment, etc.).

Please direct any questions to personalabteilung-TB-iiitom@win.tu-berlin.de.

Field: Organisatorische Zuordnung (organizational assignment)

In this field please enter the 12-digit shortcut for the organizational unit. You can find the shortcut in the organizational directory. The length of the designated field in the forms will be amended shortly.

Please note that the organizational assignment does not always correspond to the cost center. It is related to the cost center but differs from the shortcut of the organizational unit in areas with sub-organizational units with the same cost center. This occurs, for instance, in sections divided into groups or teams. Make sure to enter the correct number so that the person can be allocated without any errors.

Field: genaue Bezeichnung der Tätigkeit (exact name of role)

In this field, please enter the employee’s role. Please note that this field is limited to a maximum of 40 characters. As a rule, the role is the same as the position name and is displayed, for example, in the staff directory search online.



Field: SAP Planstellennummer (SAP position number)

Here you should enter the number of the position that is being re-filled or temporarily filled, if applicable. Every position has a unique ID. The position number has nothing to do with the job number you received from Staff Resource Management. The position is a post with its own tasks and can be financed from multiple sources (for instance jobs in Staff Resource Management or PSP elements).

Until decentralized viewing rights have been put in place, you must contact the OM team for the position number.

Field: Nachfolge von (successor to)

Please enter the name of the predecessor who previously held this post and role.

Field: Vertreter*in von (cover)

Enter the person who is currently absent (e.g. due to parental or special leave) and for whom cover must now be provided. This field only needs to be completed for certain procedures.

Field: Stellenzeichen/Sekretariatskennzeichen

The field “Stellenzeichen/Sekretariatskennzeichen”, also known as the “Postzustellkennzeichen” or “Postmerkmal”, refers to the staff code. Please enter the code for the person to be hired. The code will be used as an abbreviation for the established position. In the Central University Administration (ZUV), the staff code is the unique identifier of the established position, as every post has its own staff code. Areas outside of the ZUV (faculties, academic chairs) do not use the unique identifier (Stellenzeichen) and instead use the office identifier (Sekretariatskennzeichen) as the staff code.

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