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What is Organizational Management (OM)?

Organizational management refers to all human resources functions related to the organizational structure.

The SAP module Organizational Management (PA-OM) records and depicts the entire organizational structure of TU Berlin. Individual organizational units contain established positions provided for in the budget. These positions are assigned to TU Berlin employees through hiring and other personnel procedures.

This SAP module has been in use at TU Berlin since 1 January 2018. With the start of HCM2 (Human Capital Management) as of 1 January 2019, a process was established in the personnel teams to link employees to positions.

What is the purpose of OM?

The digital representation of standardized structures is useful in many SAP functions, ranging from the allocation of roles and rights or automatic identification of responsible persons through to evaluations. Organizational Management (PA-OM) is also the foundation for other applications in SAP such as staff development, e-recruiting, and workflow applications. Organizational Management also provides the data needed for the staff directory search function on the TU Berlin website.

Depiction of the organizational perspective

Organizational Management allocates and assigns people based on their responsibilities to the organizational units they actually work for. This allows the manager of the organizational unit to assign tasks and employees to, for example, submit and obtain approval for vacation requests. Organizational Management and other structures can view the same issue from different perspectives. For instance, a person need not be financed through the funds of a particular organizational unit in order to work there. Or to put it another way, a person does not have to work for the unit financing their position. For example, research associates financed by faculty funds must still be assigned to an academic chair.

Organizational Management does not depict project structures. This means that someone working for an external funding project must also be assigned to an organizational unit within the organizational structure. This is particularly important in the case of joint research and internal research funding projects (formerly Chapter 60), as an employee’s position in the project does not necessarily reflect the organizational unit they are a member of, and can thus, for instance, impact their voting rights for faculty and institute councils.

While established positions reflect the target values that form the foundation for filling these positions, employees taking up the position may not match these values. This can occur, for example, when a vacant budgeted professorship (Strukturprofessur) is temporarily filled by a visiting professor. The established position still remains a Strukturprofessur. The position “Quali-WM” automatically includes the possibility for the position holder to use the post to pursue a doctoral degree. However, if the position holder is not interested in a doctoral degree or already has one, the properties of the established position remain unchanged. This should always be considered when naming and defining established positions.

Important reminder about data quality

To ensure the functions work as intended, high data quality is essential. For this reason, we ask that you inform us of all changes not made through the personnel teams (e.g. internal re-assignments, changes to contact information such as room and phone number, etc.).

Contact details

The OM offices are located in the EB Building in rooms EB 113-116 and in the Main Building in room H 2137. (Please note: Due to the coronavirus, OM staff are currently working from home.)

Please send all inquiries to personalabteilung-TB-iiitom@win.tu-berlin.de

The contact details of our staff can be found here.

Further information

Explanations of the terms used in Organizational Management can be found here.

Details about filling out personnel requests can be found here.

You can find documents here.

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